Outrageous House Cleaning Hacks

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Outrageous House Cleaning Hacks

Have you successfully accomplished your spring-cleaning checklist? If not, maybe you need to check out two of our posts on living room and bedroom spring cleaning. Cleaning can be boring, but we are here to help you finish those lists with some outrageous house cleaning hacks. Let our expert tips help you get everything in your home squeaky clean.

House Cleaning Hacks to Make Life Easier:

  1. Use fruit to clean mess and odors. Who would think sticky fruit would help something actually get cleaner? Well, citric acid and the smell of lemons help clean and neutralize odors. Lemons help in our house cleaning hacks.
  • Freeze a few lemon slices in an ice cube tray, toss them in your garbage disposal and run it! The ice cubes help solidify the fat and residue so that it disappears. Hot water actually causes the fat to melt and stick more. Afterwards, your disposable should smell like fresh lemon!
  • Lemons also clean your microwave! Even after scrubbing your microwave with soap and water, it can still smell like burnt popcorn. An easy way to deodorize and clean it is to halve a lemon, sprinkle with kosher salt and scrub down the microwave. Afterwards, put a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave and shut the door. No need to turn it on – an hour later the smells should be gone.
  1. Clean what cleans you! The easiest way to get rid of those hard water deposits and build-up around the showerhead is to kill it with vinegar. Pour distilled white vinegar into a plastic bag, secure it over the shower head with a rubber band and let soak overnight. Make sure to turn on the water for a few minutes before taking a shower.
  2. Clean what cleans your dishes!
  • The inside of your dishwasher actually needs to be cleaned itself. To do this, simply fill a dishwasher safe container with white vinegar and place on the top rack. Run your washer on high heat. Afterwards, sprinkle the bottom with baking soda and run again on a hot and short cycle.
  • You also need to clean your sponges. To save money and protect the landfills, you can clean your sponges a few times before throwing out. Just add some water and pop in the microwave for two minutes. This should kill most of the bacteria!
  1. house cleaning hack suppliesGet rid of mattress, couch and chair fabric odors with alcohol. Pour any vodka into a spray bottle with your favorite essential oil and spritz on fabric. Leave to air-dry and the alcohol with kill the smelly bacteria. If you notice your couch is in need of a deep clean, schedule an appointment for a professional upholstery cleaningto get your furniture back to normal and looking new!

All done? We bet your house looks and smells fantastic! Don’t forget to add carpets to your list and call E&B Carpet Cleaning to get the job done!

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