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Do you know how much dirt and dust is hiding in your rug? Truth be told, our rugs can hold a lot of dirt and contaminants that we bring into our homes or business over time. Vacuuming does a great job, but it can’t get everything. Because of this, it’s important to get your rugs professionally cleaned every once in awhile—especially if your area rug has become stained!

Here at E&B Carpet Cleaning, we take a similar approach to area rug cleaning as we do for our carpets. It’s an in-depth process that ensures your rug will be looking like new when we get finished!

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1. Inspect what needs to be cleaned

On the day of your appointment,we’ll arrive to your home or business at a specified window of time. Our process begins by thoroughly examining the rugs that need to be cleaned. This allows us to determine the current state of the rug, including pre-existing damage, and the severity of any stains that need to be removed.

2. Pre-vacuum to prepare rug for cleaning

Before we apply cleaning treatments to your rug, our team will vacuum the area to ensure that any additional debris or dirt has been removed. This makes it easier for the chemical solutions to work quickly and efficiently during step three.

3. Chemically pre-condition spots and heavily soiled areas

We use the TACT philosophy when cleaning your rug, to make it as efficient as possible. TACT stands for:

Time (chemical dwell and working time)
Agitation (working in preconditioners and also during cleaning)
Chemical (type and amount of cleaning solutions)
Temperature (preconditioner and working solution temperature)

Our process uses appropriately formulated solutions to break down soil and other binders trapped in your rug!

4. Mechanically agitate as needed

Agitating the rug helps to coat each and every fiber with with our chemical pre-conditioner. Our technician will ensure that the entirety of your rugs have been treated. Without agitation, the conditioner would only coat the top layer of your rug!

5. Truck-mount steam rinse

We use a truck mounted steam rinse that cleans up and extracts any additional soils or chemicals left. This helps to restore the beauty and health of your rug.

6. Post-treat any remaining spots

If any stubborn spots still remain, we’ll work diligently to remove them, using specialized solutions that work for specific stains.

7. Pile lift with rake

We’ll rake the area to finish grooming the cleaned rug and render a “like new” appearance that is fluffy and looks great.

8. Post inspect

Our team always performs an inspection of your area rug after all the treatments have been completed. We’ll give you a walk through of everything that was done, and check to find any possible spots that were missed.

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