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Why dye your carpet? Some home owners are simply looking to give outdated carpet a style makeover to fit the décor of their home. Others want to bring back luster and shine to old carpet. After all, the carpeting in many homes and businesses eventually becomes faded or discolored! This can be due to aging, or a more common occurrence: dealing with permanent stains that just won’t seem to go away.

Whichever the case, we can help!

Experience tremendous savings with professional carpet dyeing

A common mistake that many assume is that you have to completely replace your carpet if something goes bad. This can cost you thousands! Rather than pay that much, you can extend the life of your carpet for a fraction of the cost with carpet dyeing. Don’t want pink anymore? Change your carpet’s color to a light blue, or a brown! Or, if your carpet has faded from age or sun spots, we can use a dye to bring back its full color vibrance. There are many different color options available, so if you want a specific look, it can be done!  After you call us, we will work with you to inspect your carpet and help show you your options for dyeing.

Another benefit of carpet dyeing is that it is fast, and safe. Our dyes are performed using a sprayer that is scrubbed into your carpet. It is completely safe for children and pets, and works almost immediately to permanently change the color. Your carpet can be walked on just minutes after applying the treatment!

If you’re looking for an affordable solution to restore faded or discolored carpet, consider carpet dyeing. We service the greater St. Louis area and will come to your home or business, whether you’re in St. Charles, out in the Metro East area, or in between.

Got discolored or faded carpet in your home or business? Give us a call for a free carpet dyeing estimate, and see how we can make your carpet look like new again. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! 

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