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Stains, spills, and other messes are a frustrating experience to endure—especially when they happen in places where we like to sit and lounge! No matter how well you care for the furniture in your home, accidents will happen from time to time. Whether it’s caused by food, drink, a pet, or a loved one, these messes can cause trouble and damage if not dealt with quickly! In addition, your upholstery builds up dust and dirt over time, which can influence allergic reactions. Make sure you’re keeping your furnishings crisp and fresh with regular cleanings!

At E&B, we’re your upholstery cleaning St. Louis experts, and our team has an efficient eight step process for taking care of your furniture. Here’s what we do to remove stains and dirt from upholstery:

Our upholstery cleaning St. Louis experts keep your furniture comfortable and spot-free

1. Inspect the area to be cleaned

On the day of your appointment, we’ll arrive to your home at a specified window of time. Our first priority is to perform a full inspection of the area you specify, so that we can identify any areas of your upholstery that will require additional treatment.

2. Pre-vacuum to prepare upholstery for cleaning

After inspecting your upholstery, we’ll give it a thorough vacuum to clean out every crevice and corner. This removes dirt, dust, and other particles, such as pet hair, that may have accumulated over time. A good vacuum is necessary before applying any cleaning solutions—otherwise, you’d have wet dirt and dust on your cushions!

3. Chemically pre-condition spots and heavily soiled areas

Depending on the material your upholstery is made of, our team will select a chemical cleaning solution that will safely and efficiently work to remove stains. We use the TACT philosophy to make things as efficient as possible. TACT stands for:

Time (chemical dwell and working time)
Agitation (working in preconditioners and also during cleaning)
Chemical (type and amount of cleaning solutions)
Temperature (preconditioner and working solution temperature)

4. Hand agitate as needed

For problem areas that are overly soiled, we’ll run through them with a gentle brush to continue loosening dirt and stains.

5. Steam rinse

After the cleaning solutions have had time to do their work, the fabric of your upholstery is gently rinsed with hot steam to neutralize and extract dissolved soil and soap residues from the furniture.

6. Post-treat any remaining spots

If any stubborn spots still remain, we’ll work diligently to remove them, using specialized solutions that work for specific stains.

7. Raise nap with brush

We’ll lightly brush your upholstery to raise the nap, keeping it feeling soft and looking good.

8. Post inspect

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why our team always performs an inspection of your upholstery after all the treatments have been completed. We’ll give you a walk through of everything that was done, and check to find any possible spots that were missed.

Do you have upholstery that has never had a thorough cleaning, or is suffering from stains? Give us a call, and let us help restore the furniture in your home or business. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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