Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet stain and odor removal in the greater St Louis area

Pet Stain and Odor Removal St Louis MOThere’s a certain joy that comes with adopting a dog, cat, or other animal, and having them become part of your family. Along with the happiness and companionship that a pet brings, they’re also capable of driving us crazy, especially if they have an accident! Your furry best friend might not be your carpet’s best friend, it would seem.

Pets, especially young dogs, can easily get over excited. When this happens, they can’t control their bladder and will end up urinating, often on your carpet. Alternatively, your pet may be urinating on your carpet without you knowing about it! This may come about when they’re stressed or irritated with a change in the house (such as moving a litter box or adding a new pet to the home). They will tend to pee in the same spot, which can quickly seep through your carpet’s fibers and cause extensive damage. The smell and stain that you notice are caused by urine and salt crystals forming as a result of the urine oxidizing and drying up. This odor can last for years if not treated!

Your Pet Stain and Odor Removal St Louis Experts

If you’ve got a pet stain or odor that needs to be removed, we can help! Our team utilizes a special cleaning solution that penetrates deep into your carpet or other flooring, eliminating the stain and the smell. We take the same approach as we do with our carpet cleaning solutions, in that we:

1. Chemically pre-condition spots and heavily soiled areas

2. Mechanically agitate carpet to reach every fiber

3. Truck-mount steam rinse to clean out chemicals and urine crystals

4. Post treat spot if any problem areas remain

5. Perform a post-inspection with you to make sure the area looks great and the smell is gone

Potty training your pet is essential, but accidents can still happen. Whether it’s in your home, or a pet-friendly office at work that needs to be treated, we can take care of pet stains and odor removal.

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