Spring Cleaning Your Living Spaces

Tips & Tricks to a Cleaner House

Spring Cleaning Your Living Room

It is that time again! As Winter turns to warmer weather, we begin heavy duty spring cleaning to get rid of the gunk and grime of last season. Salted sidewalks, slushy snow and muddy lawns combine with dust and dirt that have been cooped up in your house all season long. Let’s get rid of that winter funk and get to spring cleaning! Not sure where to start? When you are doing heavy duty cleaning it is best to tackle it one room at a time. Today we are going to look at some tips for spring cleaning your living spaces to get them sparkling and fresh for the new season.

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Step 1: Power pick-up all of the clutter. You can’t get to the dust and dirt when you have random bits of this and that sitting all over your room. Walk around with a laundry basket scooping up anything that is out of place and put it away. This will get the room prepped for the serious spring cleaning.

Step 2: Start at the very top. Dust down the cobwebs from your ceiling and corners of the walls. Don’t forget the tricky dusting spots that live up high, like fans and air vents. Dust off the tops of door frames too. This may require a step stool, but this is a good time to clean the light fixtures too. Take them down and wash in mild soapy water and allow to dry fully before rehanging.

Step 3: Tackle the walls. Fingerprints and smudges can make your house look dingy in a hurry. Take a critical eye to all of the spots on the walls were fingerprints have left tell-tale smudges. Using a mild detergent and/or warm water on a soft cloth wipe down the walls, switch plates and the outside of door frames.

Step 4: Make your family shine. Dust and clean off any photographs or art you may have hanging on the wall. Be careful never to spray cleansers directly on the wall, frames or art because this can damage the piece. When prudent, lightly wet a soft cloth with cleanser to clean any frames or glass.

Step 5: Do the windows. When we say do the windows, we mean ALL of the parts of the windows. Take down the curtains or drapes and wash them or have them cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Wipe down the blinds and clean the windows. To avoid lint on the glass, use glass cleaner and newspaper for a streak free shine. Just be sure to pitch the paper immediately as the wet newsprint can stain any fabrics it touches.

Step 6: Dig a little deeper. This spring cleaning project isn’t for light weights! Take the time to vacuum out your couches and chairs, checking in the crevices and nooks for any missing items. After vacuuming, take the pillows outside and air them out in a sunny spot to refresh them. If you notice your couch is in need of a deeper cleaning, schedule an appointment for a professional upholstery cleaning to get your furniture looking brand new.

Step 7: Kick Up Some Dust. Dust everything, and we mean everything! Pull down your books and knickknacks and give them a good cleaning. Dust off your lampshades and lamps and wipe down your tables from top to bottom. Don’t forget that dust can hang out on hidden sides of items, so dust every nook and cranny.

Step 8: It’s time for the electronics. Static electricity in your television can make it a dust magnet. Make sure you are using cleaning products specifically made for electronic equipment and follow the instructions to ensure they don’t damage your equipment. Wipe down everything from screens to cords. Now is a good time to check for any frayed ends, which can be a fire hazard and will need to be replaced.

Step 9: Don’t forget your greens. Your plants could use a little dusting too! Smaller plants can be moved to the kitchen sink and gently rinsed to remove any dust. For larger plants, wipe the greenery with a damp cloth. Wipe down the outsides of the pots too.

Step 10: Suck it up! It is time, now to vacuum all of the dust that you have knocked loose from your living spaces. Once you have vacuumed up the loose dirt it may be time to call in the professionals for the deep cleaning of your carpets. If you notice any deep down dirt in your heavy traffic areas or spots where your holidays got a little out of hand, call the experts at E&B Carpet Cleaning. We can put the finishing touches on your spring cleaning projects!

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