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Stop Muddy Paws This Spring

Don’t like the weather? Wait a few minutes … it’ll change.

We’re sure you’ve heard that one before.

Spring in the Midwest means alternating days of sun and rain. For pet owners, that can mean a lot of mud on your floor! If you’re dealing with muddy paws and dirty carpets, here are a few tips to get you through the season.

Cleaning Tips for Messy Pups

The first thing we can recommend is to keep your pets away from muddy areas. Easier said than done, right? With our busy lives, it’s way too tempting to let the critters outside, mud or no mud.

When muddy paws hit your floor, here are a few tips to help you both clean up and keep your sanity all spring long.

(1) Create a Cleaning Station

Keep your puppy cleaning supplies by the door. Before your dogs can mess up the floor, give their paws a quick wash and dry. It helps to keep supplies near the entry area. A washable rug is a good idea, as well as a basket of old towels.

(2) Wipes are Your Friend

Keep them in the car, on the back porch … anywhere your dog can get dirty!

(3) Sweep Before You Mop

If you have dried mud or dirt on your floor, sweep it up first. Then mop. This saves you a messier clean-up.

(4) Warm Water is All You Need

Usually, a daily mop with some warm water should work just fine. If you do decide to use a cleaning solution, go over it once more with plain water to rinse. Then, use a dry mop to finish up.

(5) Let Mud Dry on Carpet

If you let the mud dry, it’s easier to vacuum up. Vacuum slowly from all angles to pick up all of the dirt. Take your time; it’s easy for small pieces to slip between your carpet fibers.

(6) Blot, Don’t Rub

If you need to treat a muddy stain with carpet cleaner, be sure to blot – don’t rub – so you don’t harm the fibers or push the stain deeper into the carpet.

(7) Don’t Let Water Sit on Your Floor

Remove any tracked-in water as soon as you can. You don’t want to slip on it later, or let it damage your flooring.

(8) Shampoo Your Pet and Trim Those Paws

Use gentle soap or shampoo on your pet’s paws. If they look cracked or dry, you can use a moisturizer as well.  Try to keep them trimmed, too. Trimming your pet’s nails will cut down on the amount of dirt your puppy brings in.

(9) Use Floor and Furniture Covers

When all else fails, an absorbent floor mat and a few furniture covers can help keep your home intact until those spring showers pass.

(10) Vacuum Often

Vacuum frequently in the springtime. Not only will it keep dirt off your floors, it will also keep allergens to a minimum.

Do You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning? Give Us a Call.

If you need a good deep clean once the spring storms end, let us know. We can get your carpets looking good again, just in time for summer.