Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Commercial carpet cleaning, such as restaurant carpet cleaning and hotel carpet cleaning, is best approached with a maintenance plan. Instead of asking simply how often should you clean your carpets, the better question might be what is the strategy for keeping carpets clean plus increasing their longevity? Flooring has the greatest impact on the type of impression your business can make appearance-wise. Replacing the flooring comes with a big price tag, which is just another reason to keep carpets clean and make sure that commercial carpet cleaning is done right. Below are some pro strategies for commercial carpet cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

In general, commercial carpet cleaning maintenance should include at least weekly vacuuming, immediate spot cleaning as needed, and routine steam cleaning. When the pros at E & B Carpet Cleaning are cleaning commercial carpets, we follow some proven steps. As a result, we have happy customers with clean, well-cared-for carpets. In general, we do the following:

  • Begin with a quick inspection to identify problem areas.
  • Remove loose soil particles with pre-vacuuming.
  • Pre-condition heavily soiled areas and spots with an effective chemical treatment.
  • Mechanical agitation involves mixing chemicals for tackling stubborn spots, and that step is performed as needed.
  • Clean the carpets with our truck-mount steam rinse.
  • If any spots remain, apply post-treatment.
  • Pile lift the carpet with a carpet grooming rake.
  • Conduct a post-inspection to be sure nothing has been missed.

Pro Tips for Removing Fresh Carpet Stains

Spot cleaning carpets is done when the pros arrive but should also be done immediately after staining occurs. Obviously, it is not cost-effective to have your commercial carpet cleaning team rush over for every spot that develops on your carpet. The following are a few tips for getting rid of certain types of stubborn carpet stains:

  • Resist the urge to scrub the stain because doing so sets the stain deeper into the carpet. Blotting is the secret. Use gentle pressure so that the stain can be soaked up. Blot from the stain’s outer edge and move inward to the center. If you go in the opposite direction, you spread the stain and cause it to grow larger.
  • Applied correctly, club soda can remove wine and beer stains from carpets. Check out the cleaning secrets at this resource for further directions on dealing with all of these different types of stains.
  • Basic everyday shaving cream is recommended by some carpet pros, and it works on pretty much every kind of stain.
  • It’s good to know how to remove gum from carpets, whether restaurant carpet cleaning, retail carpet cleaning, or hotel carpet cleaning. Ice cubes pressed against the gum for less than a minute can freeze the gum and make it easy to lift and remove. Sometimes a careful snip with a knife or scissors is necessary. Cut as little of the carpet as possible.
  • Dish soap can work on grease stains.
  • If a candle has spilled onto the carpet, all is not lost. Place a white cloth on the floor and use a warm iron to go over the spot—do not use the steam setting. Once the wax gets warm, use a butter knife to scrape off the softened wax.

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