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8 Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Steps taken to extend the life of your carpet will provide multiple benefits. Of course, your home will be more enjoyable, since flooring makes the biggest overall impact on the appeal of a space. The planet will also thank you, since tossed-out carpets degrade over a period of about 1,000 years, according to carpeting experts at the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). In the current millennium, the following tips will help you do all kinds of good, in addition to extending the life of your carpet.

1-Know the Facts About Your Carpet

Higher quality carpeting lasts the longest, just as nylon carpets outlast those with polyester fibers. But no carpet lives forever. There comes a time when investing in extending a carpet’s life is wasted money. That being said, for as long as you have your carpet, it is important to know the best type of care for the particular fibers your carpet is made with. For instance, if you have a polyester carpet, vacuuming and hot water extraction are needed frequently to extend its life.

2-Add High-Quality Carpet Padding

For old and new carpets, an investment in quality padding will help to protect its backing and binding. Besides making feet more comfortable, great padding will also increase the suction during vacuuming. Your vacuum cleaner will do a better job of removing dirt, dust, and debris.

3-Immediately Clean Carpet Stains

The longer a stain stays on a carpet, the more stubborn the stain becomes. Immediately treating spots with warm water and a small amount of cleaner is usually all that’s required. To address stains that have set in a while, gently blot the area, and avoid rubbing the carpet because the fibers could be ruined.

4-Invest in a Good-Quality Vacuum

Extending the life of your carpet requires the use of an effective vacuum cleaner that has the suction power to remove trapped dirt. Properly maintain your vacuum to ensure continued suction strength.

5-Vacuum Routinely

If you vacuum every week, the life of your carpet will be prolonged, with the exception of high-traffic areas. It’s important to vacuum twice weekly wherever dirt is frequently tracked in. If you happen to have a vacuum with a bag, replace the vacuum bag when it’s half full to help maintain powerful suction.

6-Use Throw Rug and Mats

The folks at IICRC recommend a floor mat at each door where outside debris can be tracked in. Make the mat large enough for people to take two steps before encountering your carpet. This will go a long way to protect your flooring. Adding a rug in hallways and other high-traffic areas is also helpful.

7-Consider a Shoe Ban

The two steps on a mat help a lot with your carpet, but it typically takes a full seven steps before shoes stop tracking in grime. The biggest battle with keeping carpets looking their best is fought with what is tracked in by shoes. For your carpet’s sake, consider making a new rule in which shoes are removed at the door.

8-Deep Clean Regularly

Families of four or more should give carpets a hot water extraction cleaning every six months. With fewer in the home, annual deep cleaning of your carpet should be enough. Call on a professional carpet cleaning company to provide your carpet with maximum protection and achieve best results.

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