Patio Cleaning Tips

Spring & Summer

Patio Cleaning Tips for Spring and Summer

patio cleaning tipsSpring-cleaning is more than simply cleaning the nooks and crannies of your home. It’s also to get your home fresh and inviting for gatherings and warm weather fun. We’re here to share our best patio cleaning tips for spring and summer and how to clean your deck, outdoor rugs, welcome mat, and patio furniture.

We’ll help you get your home ready for entertaining with three important patio cleaning tips.

1. Tidy up the porch and patio:
Do a general cleaning and tidying of the place you will be entertaining nd relaxing. Make sure all tools, junk, and items that don’t belong are stored in their proper places. Move furniture, plants, and other items out of the way to clean. All you will need is a broom, towels, dish soap and water.

Empty the dead bugs into the trash, and wash surfaces of walls, table tops, shelves, and light fixtures. Next, sweep the front porch. It’s important to sweep before doing anything else to get rid of the dust and dirt.
2. Clean Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture needs some love, follow these cleaning tips for each type.

• Wood (teak, wicker, etc.)
Mix 1⁄4 cup ammonia, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1 quart warm water and use this solution to clean surfaces. For hardwoods, you may need to do a little sanding and applying a fresh coat of protective finish. Remember to regularly wiping down wood to remove dirt, debris, and excess water for the best protection.
• Metal
Before cleaning, remove as much of the imperfection as possible using a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water. This will help get rid of the oxidation issues that most metal gets over time. Wash aluminum parts frequently to preserve the look. Get rid of rust by sanding it off along with damaged paint. Use a rust-resistant primer and then repaint.
• Glass
Dish detergent and home cleaning solutions are the most effective cleaning solutions for glass. After cleaning, spritz on white vinegar or glass cleaner and wipe away for that shine. Pro tip: repair small scratches and chips in the glass with a glass repair kit from an automotive store.
• Plastic

1/2 cup washing soda mixed with 1-gallon warm water will clean plastic furniture well. For stains, dampen a clean rag with white distilled vinegar and wipe down the piece. You can use WD-40 to restore shine; spray onto plastic and wipe clean with a dry cloth!
Routine cleanings are the key to keeping your patio furniture in top condition. For best results, clean once before every season.
3. How to Clean a Door Mat

Typically patios have a door mat between the home and the outside and these get filthy (especially if you have dogs). Most people would rather toss our their dor mat before cleaning it. But with proper cleaning, your door mat will stop more dirt at your doors and last much longer. Some mats can be simply tossed in the washing machine and tumble dry(if they are made with nitrile rubber backing). Or you can clean by hosing it off, brushing it with a stiff bristled broom, rinsing and hanging to dry. Always vacuum your door mats between cleanings to keep them In good shape.

With these patio cleaning tips, you should be able to get your patio ready for entertaining over the weekend. Follow more cleaning tips including how to clean your outdoor area rugs on our blog.