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Outdoor Rug and Space Clean Up for Summer

Store your outdoor rug away during colder months. You already tackled your spring-cleaning inside, but maybe your outside needs a little cleaning love too. It’s that time of year to relax on your deck or porch, have friends over, fire up the grill and enjoy the summer weather. To prep your outside area, we have some cleaning tips that will spruce it up and make it a fun and relaxing haven.

Here are our most helpful outdoor space cleaning tips:

1. Patio cleaning:

Concrete: to de-grime your concrete patio, mix a 10:1 solution of warm water and cleaner. Leave the mixture on the concrete for 15 minutes, scrub with a stiff broom, like a push broom, and rinse with water.

Wood decks may just require a simple power washing.

2. Steps and siding:

Use a pressure washer to tackle dusty corners that may have collected grime or spider webs. This also helps attack mildew. Remember not to pressure wash tiles, because this can loosen them out of place.

3.     Furniture

Furniture cushions tend to get smelly and stained over time. The easiest way to freshen these up is with a simple sponge, water, and soap cleanse. Then prop them in the sun to dry.

To clean wrought iron furniture and remove algae, scrub with a disinfectant and brush.

Wood and wicker furniture needs to be cleaned gently, as anything harsh could damage the surface. Clean this type with a soft brush and mild soap.

4. Light fixtures

Lights are often cleaned wrong, as many people think to clean them with soap, which then leaves behind a filmy coating. For lights, simply wipe with a damp microfiber cloth.

5. Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs normally require little maintenance. They are outside protected, which means they dry quickly, resist fading, and clean easily. During winter months it’s best to store your rug inside to protect it from wear and tear. These rugs attract a lot of dirt, so vacuuming them once a month and cleaning with a solution of dish soap and water monthly will keep your rug from staining and aging. Every few months, scrub with a soap/water mixture and nylon brush on both sides. Rinse with a hose and let the water drain off on a sloped surface. To ensure your rug doesn’t grow mold, make sure it dries in the sunlight. If you have an outside rug that you want to bring indoors and it needs some serious cleaning, call us for help! We can get your rug clean and looking like new.

Now that your outdoor area is all cleaned, relax with a cold drink and enjoy the summer warmth. We hope these tips will help you clean with ease. If you have any great outdoor cleaning tips, share with us in the comments!