8 Cleaning Shortcuts

Cleaning Shortcuts We All Should Know

Cleaning bucket full of cleaning supplies E&B Carpet St LouisWe love finding new cleaning short cuts and we know you do too. You’re busy, and cleaning shouldn’t add a ton of time to your weekly schedule. Try out these shortcuts for keeping your home tidy, and spend that leftover time doing what you love!

8 Cleaning Shortcuts

  1. Clean a room clockwise, top to bottom.  This way all the debris will collect on the floor, where you can pick it up quickly.
  2. Have multiple floors in your home? Leave a set of supplies on each level. You’ll tackle rooms there faster and get to stains as quick as possible.
  3. Sort beforehand. When loading your dishwasher put all forks in one compartment, and so on. When it is time to unload, it’s already organized for you.
  4. Whenever you take a shower give the walls a wipe down. Keep a cleaning wand with cleaner already loaded in the shower. You’ll have less stuck on soap scum and streaks to scrub off later.
  5. Use an old pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans. It will trap the dirt so you don’t have to sweep the floor afterward. Spritz a water-and-vinegar solution on the pillowcase, then  rub it over each blade.
  6. To clean a lampshade at lightning speed, run a lint roller over the inner and outer surfaces, and use a hair dryer to blow dust out of the seams.This trick works on many other objects too!
  7. When you need to clear a surface before cleaning it, put all the objects on a tray and walk around the home putting back the items. This way you don’t have to take several trips back to the table.
  8. Start in the corner farthest from the room’s entrance when you sweep, vacuum or mop. Work your way outward so you  won’t have to go back to get rid of foot marks or debris on areas you already cleaned.

What are your favorite cleaning shortcuts that save you time? Share with us in the comments!