How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

Dad & Daughter Cleaning Kitchen E&B Carpet St LouisHaving a clean house with kids may seem like an impossible feat, but with these tips you can make it happen and gain some order in your home. When you have kids, it’s typical for a room to get messy the minute you stop cleaning and walk away. Instead of fighting your kiddos on cleaning and chores, involve them in the process.

Here are a few tips to keep your house clean, even with kiddos:

Include them

Sometimes kids love playing mom or dad and following you around the house. Start by creating a kid cleaning kit just for them. Stock a small caddy with kid safe cleaning supplies, bright colored gloves, and water in a spray bottle. Easy tasks for kids are making the bed, putting away toys, dusting, and sweeping. Make sure each task is safe and appropriate for their age.

Make It Fun
Make a race out of it by setting a timer and seeing how much they can get done. Cleaning doesn’t have to be labor; make it a game! Have them pick up clutter in the order of the rainbow: red items first, orange second, and so on.

Keep Toys Picked Up

Teach your kids (as best you can) to pick up one game and put it away before starting another. Before bed every night go around the house with the kids and make sure all the toys are put in their places. This only takes 5-10 minutes and really helps to have a clean space during busy mornings.

Have a Routine

Have a daily pattern of activities. Build time into your week to clean and straighten up. This fits with the above tip of always picking up toys before bed. Also have another time set aside for deeper cleaning, maybe 30-90 minutes on a Saturday where the whole family helps out. Put on some music and make it a family bonding time where everyone helps out. Offer a reward, like getting ice cream after the cleaning time.

Remember to also ease up on expectations and you’ll gain so much more. If you have kids, your house will be messy, a lot! But, it is possible to get the place up to some standard of cleanliness, at least to where your mother-in-law won’t give you that look when she walks in. If you’re trying to clean with a house full of kiddos, share your cleaning tips with us on Facebook!