How To Clean Slate Tile Floors

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How To Clean Slate Tile Floors

Grey Slate Tile Floor, How To Clean Slate Tile FloorsSlate has become a very popular material in home-building; used in flooring, countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces and wall. Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of compressed mud. It is a flaky yet tough stone that splits easily into layers that make tiles. From bathrooms to kitchens, entryways to fireplaces, slate floors can make a home feeling earthy, warm and inviting. In order to keep this material looking its best it is important to know how to clean slate tile floors properly.

How To Clean Slate Tile Floors

Since slate is a natural stone certain materials may mar the surface. Acidic and alkaline cleaners can leave etch marks on the stone, particularly polished slate. When cleaning slate always start with a milder solution first to reduce the chance of damaging the surface of the stone.

Regular Cleaning
Sweep, dust or dry mop the surface to remove any large, loose dirt.
Mix several cups of warm water with a few drops of mild dish detergent.
Soak a soft towel in the soapy water and gently rub off dirt and grime.
Dry with a towel and/or let the surface of the slate air dry overnight.

Deep Cleaning
Follow the steps above for regular cleaning.
When the surface is dry, apply a thin layer of teak oil on a soft towel. Gently apply to the slate tile.

Stain Removal
Mix equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray onto the stains. Let sit for five minutes then gently scrub with a soft bristled brush.
Be careful if you have colored grout, as this option may discolor the grout.
If this option doesn’t work, tougher stains can be tackled with a paste of peroxide and baking soda. Mix the two together to make a thick and bubbly paste. Apply this to the stain an let it set for at least five minutes. Wipe off with a soft, damp towel.

It is important to clean your slate tile regularly, every few months, to prevent dirt and grime build-up. Slate is a porous material, so it easily absorbs odors and dirt. To keep it looking beautiful use a stone-and-tile sealer, available at most hardware stores. With regular care and maintenance you can keep your slate tiles looking new and inviting for years to come.

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