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Preparing Your Space for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Maximize the benefits of professional carpet & upholstery cleaning by preparing your space for professional carpet cleaning. Take the steps below while looking forward to extending the life of your carpet, maintaining a healthier living environment, validating the warranty of your carpet, and more. Professional upholstery cleaning has benefits that include furniture protection, improving air quality, and removing dirt and germs. Carpet cleaning professionals can better focus on the job of carpet & upholstery cleaning if you prepare as follows.

Request Tips from Your Professional Carpet Cleaners

Most professional carpet cleaning companies have a checklist to follow in preparing your space for professional carpet cleaning. Among your questions, ask whether furniture moving is included in the cost. Inquire about possible discounts that you may be able to take advantage of, as well. What you learn from them may shorten or add to the checklist of prep actions that follow. 

Make a Plan for Post-Cleaning

Have you scheduled professional steam cleaning for your carpets? If so, it may be necessary to stay off the flooring for up to 24 hours. You may also need to delay placing furniture back where it belongs. Plan accordingly. This step is unnecessary for dry carpet cleaning. 

If Necessary, Vacuum

Vacuuming prior to the arrival of your professional carpet & upholstery cleaning team may be recommended. It provides the opportunity to remove loose items, and vacuuming beforehand allows the cleaning experts to focus on the shampoo process. However, your carpet cleaners may prefer doing the initial vacuuming themselves. This would likely not increase your cost because carpet cleaning is usually charged according to square feet and not based on time.

Protect Fragile and Valuable Items

Store any fragile and expensive items out of the way of the professional carpet & upholstery cleaning to be done. Items you may need to safeguard include porcelain, china, cash, and fine jewelry. Minimizing risk in this way is less complicated than having to make an insurance claim, a need which can usually be avoided by thoughtfully preparing your space for professional carpet cleaning.

Clear the Floor

Before the professional carpet cleaning team arrives, put away any items that are placed on or cluttering the floor. This may include children’s toys, dog toys, craft projects, and more. Look carefully for small things that will be vacuumed up if not removed.

Prepare an Inventory of Stains

Inventory the stains on your carpeting and furniture. Make a list for the professional carpet & upholstery cleaning team you are expecting. Include details on what caused each stain. The proper treatment is different according to the type of stain being removed.

Have Plans in Place for Pets and Children

When carpet technicians are at work, it is essential to keep pets and children safely in other areas. It is easiest to schedule professional carpet cleaning at a time when kids are at school or perhaps staying with friends or relatives. Keep pets behind closed doors and apart from the cleaning being done.

Save a Parking Spot or Clear the Driveway

Carpet cleaners need to be able to park as near to your front door as possible so that using their equipment is easier. Offer tips for street parking, as needed. Also, make sure there is a clear path from your front door to the rooms that need cleaning.

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