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Does Carpet Cleaning Help with Allergies?

Improving air quality in the home is a process that must include carpet cleaning for allergies. Carpets are traps for allergens and anyone who suffers from allergy flare-ups can get relief by pursuing the best carpet cleaning method. If you are susceptible to dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, or mold, you’re likely to feel better and have less of a problem with allergies after deep carpet cleaning. If miserable symptoms such as sneezing from allergies are getting the best of you, schedule a cleaning with E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in St. Louis MO.

Carpet Cleaning for Allergies Starts with Routine Vacuuming

As long as you keep them clean, your carpets help reduce airborne allergens. Carpets absorb allergens, removing them from the breathing zone. In addition to scheduling professional cleaning, vacuum regularly with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for Higher Efficiency Particulate Air, and HEPA vacuums do a much better job of reducing allergens than conventional vacuums. HEPA filters trap pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. For dependable relief from allergies after carpet cleaning, vacuum each area of the carpet at least twice. Among our strongest recommendations for allergy sufferers is to vacuum daily.

Don’t Allow Carpets to Remain Wet

When your carpets have been saturated with moisture due to a leak or major spill in your home, it is essential to take action for the purpose of preventing mold growth. If carpets stay wet for longer than 24 hours, mold and mildew begin to grow. Instead of allowing these harmful allergens to grow and flourish, call trusted carpet cleaning professionals for deep cleaning, which is the best carpet cleaning method for allergies. The equipment with high suction rates used by experts comes to the rescue by reducing serious allergens such as mold.


Carpet Cleaning for Allergies Reduces VOCs

Many products used in homes and businesses contain a large group of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and they emit gases. Paints, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and heavy plastics can emit VOCs and they become entrapped in your carpet fibers. Deep cleaning can help. However, be sure the carpets themselves aren’t emitting harmful chemicals. Shop for carpets designated as VOC carpeting because they contain little-to-no benzene, formaldehyde, or other chemicals that serve to trigger allergy symptoms in people who are sensitive to allergens.

Schedule Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning to Remove Allergens

Daily vacuuming is preventative work but the best carpet cleaning method for allergies is professional deep cleaning. Steam cleaning is a hot water extraction method that is proven to reduce symptoms associated with allergies after carpet cleaning. Dust mites are among the more problematic allergens, and the hot water used in deep cleaning kills them and other pests. To schedule the best carpet cleaning for allergies in the St. Louis area, contact E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning today at (314) 427-7800.