Mixing Cleaning Products - Know Before You Mix!

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Mixing Cleaning Products – Know Before You Mix!

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The saying goes, “Always read the label first”! This is especially true when you’re using household cleaning products. Even though some things in life go perfectly well together (like peanut butter and chocolate), it doesn’t mean that using cleaning products in a combination with each other will have the same effect. In fact, mixing the wrong kinds of cleaning products could have dangerous results, especially when bleach is involved!

The truth about mixing cleaning products

When tackling tough stains, we often aren’t satisfied with the results we see from using just one type of cleaner, or we find that the cleaner we used just wasn’t effective to begin with. To try and remedy the situation, we experiment by trying another type of cleaner. However, when most household cleaning products (which contain bleach) are mixed with things containing acid (such as vinegar, toilet bowl cleaners) it can combine to form a poisonous gas. Definitely not something you want to be breathing in!

Inhaling this gas can cause serious bodily harm, and more often than not, you’re still left with the same stain or problem as you had before. This is because mixing cleaning products the majority of the time does not give better results. If you’re using a product with bleach, make sure to avoid accidentally mixing bleach with:

  • Toilet bowl cleaners
  • Ammonia
  • Lye
  • Rust remover
  • Vinegar
  • Oven cleaners

If you’re tackling a tough stain on the floor and still not sure how to best remove it, it’s often better to save yourself the time and money and call in the experts. At E&B Carpet Cleaning, we can handle the toughest of stains, whether it’s stuck in your carpet or on your tile! Our expertly trained staff uses products and techniques that will keep your home safe, and your stress to a minimum.