Holiday Party Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy

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Holiday Party Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy

Holiday party tips E&B Carpet Whenever a major holiday approaches, many of us look forward to getting together with family and friends to celebrate and have a good time. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas—any weekend of the month that falls near or on a holiday is often a perfect opportunity to have a party! If you plan on hosting, you know that the most important elements to a fun party are having tasty food, the right guests, and a clean house to impress. While we don’t have any amazing appetizer recipes off the tops of our heads, we can give you some holiday party tips for ensuring your house is ready to celebrate!

5 holiday party tips for cleaning and organizing your home:

1. Move all the clutter out of the rooms and areas your guests will be frequenting.

This first step is simple: if you have shoes and jackets taking up space in your mudroom and entry, move them! Place these articles of clothing in a closet or another room, and save this space for your guests to hang their coats, or place their shoes. Next, be sure to go through your kitchen and bathrooms and empty all of the trash cans. This may be subtle, but it does help contribute to your guests feeling “clean”!

Lastly, clear tables of mail, magazines, and other items so that they are out of sight.

2. Vacuum, dust, and disinfect the living room.

Keep your guests full of holiday cheer with a living room or common area that is both comfortable and clean! You’ll want to dust coffee tables and shelves, straighten and clean upholstery with a vacuum (or get it professionally cleaned by us if it looks bad) and run a pet roller over any areas that may have pet hair.

3. Maximize space for guests, belongings, and food.

How many guests are you expecting? And is everyone bringing a dish to share? One of the most common problems we come across when throwing parties is not having the space to accommodate people. You can take care of this beforehand by following two simple holiday party tips! First, make sure you have enough chairs, and at least one long table for holding snacks and food dishes. Adequate seating, as well as space for food, are both essential! You can sometimes borrow these items from a friend, otherwise you may want to go out and buy them yourself.

Secondly, raid your fridge and freezer before the party and organize it completely. Throw out any old or expired goods, and make as much space as you can. This way, you are prepared if your guests bring drinks or if you end up with lots of leftovers.

4. Make sure floors are tidy.

While it may seem silly to vacuum and mop your floor before a party, it is a good idea to make sure your floors are clean before guests arrive. Of course, you’ll want to clean them again after the party, but if you have sticky tile the next day, you’ll at least know you didn’t have them previously!

5. Make your bathroom accommodating.

You will want to stock enough toilet paper, hand sanitizer, air freshener, and fresh towels/linens for your guests. Clean near the faucet, and also around the toilet. Scent plays a big part in feeling clean, so you may want to also consider getting a plug-in air freshener, or lighting incense if possible.

We hope this advice serves you well for your next get together! If you have more holiday party tips you’d like to share, leave a comment on Facebook or tweet us with your best suggestions!

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