How to Lengthen the Life of Your Carpet

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How to Lengthen the Life of Your Carpet

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Not all carpets are made equal, but quality care can help lengthen the life of even the lowest costed floors. Doing the small stuff such as:

  • Taking your shoes off at the door
  • Reserving eating areas to the dining room and kitchen

goes a long way in keeping your carpet healthy. Other items that can help are quality vacuuum cleaners as well as smartly placed rugs.

Recharge Your Carpet

When it comes to your vacuum, don’t think of it as just a machine to suck up dirt, but rather as a “carpet recharger”. A high quality vacuum will help keep your carpet fresh and healthy for many years! When picking a vacuum, make sure that it has good suction power. Most average priced vacuums can pick up top level dirt. What you really want to get at is the compounded dirt that makes it way into in the pile of the carpet. The pile is the foundation of your carpet and keeping that clean is key.

Once you have your dirt busting carpet recharger of choice, you are ready to attack the carpet. The primary sources of dirt are going to be the main traffic ways. Those usually originate from your doorways and also in between couches. It is recommended that you run through those with a vacuum twice a week. The lower traffic areas can be swept every other week. depending on how active your house is. Steam cleaning once a month can also get at not only the dirt but the allergens that can nestle in the fibers of the carpet.

We understand that not everybody can have several types of vacuums lying around like we do. That is where we can come in: when you need that extra burst of power that only a professional carpet cleaning company can provide, we’re happy to come in and “recharge” your carpet with a good deep clean! We can set up a one time cleaning, or on-going appointments to help keep up with your schedule.