3 Tips For Your Vacuum Cleaner

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3 Tips For Your Vacuum Cleaner

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Keeping our home tidy is second nature to some, and an afterthought for many others. When it comes to the most important cleaning tools in our arsenal, what is the first thing you usually think to do? Our notion is usually to go for the vacuum cleaner to treat our carpets and floors when it comes time to do house cleaning. There’s just one tiny problem with this solution: we overestimate our vacuum’s ability to clean!

Below you’ll find 3 tips when it comes to your vacuum cleaner, and what you should know in order to keep your home healthy and dirt free:

1. Vacuuming slowly is the most efficient way

The urge to get things done quickly can cause our vacuuming efforts to backfire. One of the most common mistakes we make when tending to our carpet is that we run the vacuum over the area too fast. Instead, slow things down—a vacuum cleaner works best when it has time to vibrate the carpet fibers it is interacting with, which helps to pick up more dust from your floors.

2. Use special care when cleaning area rugs

Much like carpet, area rugs benefit from being cleaned with a vacuum on a regular basis. To safely perform rug cleaning, start from the center and vacuum out towards the perimeter. This will help prevent frayed edges. You should also take rugs out every six months or so and beat them to get additional dust out. If the rug still seems dirty, consider calling us for professional area rug cleaning.

3. Your home needs regular vacuuming, but also professional carpet cleaning

It’s recommended you vacuum your home at least once a week, and with more frequency if you have pets. In addition to this regular schedule, you also need to make sure you schedule professional carpet cleaning every 18-24 months. Why? For homeowners who have purchased carpet that came with a warranty, a hidden rule among the majority of these carpet manufacturers is that they require you to get a professional steam cleaning or dry cleaning every 18-24 months to keep the warranty valid. However, there is a good reason: home vacuum cleaners simply can’t get the same deep cleaning that professional carpet cleaning provides. When you consider the fact that indoor air quality can be almost ten times as worse than the outdoors, it’s easy to see why nearly 40 million Americans suffer from allergies: we neglect getting the deep cleaning that professional carpet cleaners can provide!

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