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How to Remove Grout from Tile

Thousands of monthly searches on how to remove grout from tile are evidence enough that grout cleaning services provide a welcome solution. Have you ever wondered what grout is made of when trying to figure out how to clean ceramic tile? Did you know that dirty, stained grout attracts bacteria, pests, and sometimes mold? At E&B Carpet Cleaning, commercial and residential grout cleaning is among the most popular services we provide. The following are some answers for homeowners tackling DIY grout cleaning plus a few benefits of professional grout cleaning services.

grout in a bathroom tile shower

What is Grout?

Grout is the mortar or paste that fills gaps between floor and wall tiles. Typically white, grout is also available in colors. Grout is usually made with a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Sometimes it is protected with a sealant and sometimes not. The best steps for how to remove grout from tile depend on whether the floor is sealed or unsealed and whether the grout is white or color has been added. The simplest DIY method is to use a machine for cleaning grout.

Tips for Cleaning Tile with a Grout-Cleaning Machine

Big-box hardware stores usually provide grout-cleaning machine rentals. Best results are achieved by following manufacturer’s instructions. The following tips can help achieve the best results:

  • For additional cleaning power, add a cup of white vinegar to the water-based cleaning solution.
  • Especially dirty grout lines should be scrubbed with a stiff nylon brush after they have been steamed
  • If stains are deeply embedded, try using a circular nylon brush attachment on a power drill.
  • While working with the machine, regularly wipe up the dirty sludge with a dry cloth.

Cleaning Tile Grout Manually

A variety of DIY solutions are used for removing grime from tile floors and walls. One of the challenges is that hydrogen peroxide is often recommended but is too harsh in some instances, and it can cause damage to the grout and/or tile. Basic tools besides the cleaning solution itself are a toothbrush, a chisel for scraping off stubborn grime and mold, and a steam mop or steam cleaner. Examples of cleaning solutions follow:

  • Oxygenated bleach
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Alkaline cleaner
  • Hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish soap and baking soda

how to remove grout from tile

Benefits of Professional Grout Cleaning Services

Just as professional carpet cleaning services yield superior results, experts do the best job of removing grout stains. The following are benefits of expert services for cleaning grout:

  • Experts in grout cleaning have the benefit of industry equipment that blasts stains away more effectively than any amount of scrubbing by hand.
  • Pros can seal the grout after removing stains, bacteria, and allergens.
  • You can avoid the frustration of possibly ineffective DIY grout cleaning with affordable professional grout cleaning services.
  • Your home is healthier when you rely on professionals, who know how to effectively clean ceramic tile and remove grout using industry equipment.

E&B Carpet Provides Grout Cleaning Services

Don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to remove grout from tile? E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is the place to call for grout cleaning services if you live in or near St. Louis MO. Call (314) 427-7800 today for all the benefits of professional grout cleaning.