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How to Clean Wallpaper Naturally and Quickly

Close-up of patterned wallpaper in retro interior

Close-up of patterned wallpaper in retro interior

We love green cleaning hacks! Whether you have kids, pets or just want to create a healthy home for yourself, natural cleaning is always a great way to go. This also goes for walls which touched daily and often ignored during your cleaning routine. But what if you have wallpaper? We have a few tips to help you clean wallpaper naturally and quickly!

3 Easy Ways to Clean Wallpaper Naturally

  1. Dust it

Like the rest of your home, walls gather dust too. A simple solution to refresh your walls is by doing a light dusting, or even vacuuming of all your walls. This is especially important if you or your family has allergies. You can use a microfiber cloth to dust from top to bottom. For non-flat wall surfaces or more intricate wall coverings, use a soft-bristled vacuum attachment to get rid of the dust and ew….cobwebs!

  1. Spot Clean

Especially for those that have kids, that gorgeous new wallpaper does find a way to get spaghetti sauce and crayon smears in spots you would never imagine.

For vinyl wallpaper (kitchens and bathrooms) start by using a dry, soft cellulose sponge and wipe in small circles. If a sticky smudge or stain has been on your wall covering for a while, we suggest combining warm water with a drop of mild, natural cleanser to gently apply to the stain.

  1. Use Dough

If you have a particularly intricate wall covering, consider using wallpaper dough. You simply take a ball of the dough between your hands, and roll the ball down the wall to pick up dirt. When it starts to get dirty, just knead the dirty part towards the center to expose a clean surface. If you can’t find store-bought wallpaper dough, you can DIY.

DIY Wall Dough

  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of cornstarch
  • A sprinkle of baking soda
  • Drop of natural dishwasher detergent

To ensure you’re cleaning with eco-friendly products, always check the label. Also, be sure to have sponges, microfiber cloths on hand for cleaning. We hope your wallpaper looks brand new and fresh after trying our cleaning tips!