Green Cleaning Recipes For Earthday

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Green Cleaning Recipes for Earth Day

Everyone wants their home to be as clean as can be but not everyone likes to use toxic chemicals while doing so. From overpowering fragrances to harsh ingredients, sometimes cleaning products can make your home a little more hazardous than it was when it was messy. This can be especially true if you have family members with sensitive skin or allergies to perfumes and dyes. For some people, the environmental impact weighs heavily on their mind when shopping for cleaning products but green cleaning products can be very costly. Who wants to choose between green cleaning and keeping a little green in your wallet?

We did some scouring on the internet and found this little gem of an infographic on Pinterest. It offers some green cleaning recipes made with essential oils and cost effective cleansers. Take a look and maybe this Earth Day your house can be both green AND clean!

Green Cleaning Recipes For Earth Day

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