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Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet with These Tips

fleas in carpet

It’s been a humid late summer, hasn’t it? Fall temperatures are finally in the forecast, but if you’re a pet owner, that lingering muggy heat can bring with it fleas and ticks.

At E&B Carpet, we regularly help pet owners keep their carpet fresh and vermin-free. Let our experts answer a common question about carpet cleaning and those hard-to-eliminate pests.

Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

In a word: Yes. A professional steam cleaning will kill adult fleas.

However, the moisture from steam cleaning isn’t ideal for getting rid of fleas entirely. In fact, it creates a warm environment for flea eggs, which may hatch a couple of days after the cleaning – definitely something you don’t want! To verify that fleas and ticks are gone for good, follow these tips …

Keep Fleas and Ticks Away – For Good:


  • Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.


When we say vacuum thoroughly, we mean it. Instead of just pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth, use the nozzle attachment, paying special attention to baseboards and corners. If you worry that fleas are hanging around, vacuum every day for a week or two.


  • Next, attack the furniture.


Vacuum any upholstered sofas, chairs, or ottomans in the room. Don’t forget the underside of the furniture as well.


  • Throw away the vacuum cleaner bag.  


Once you’ve given the space a thorough cleaning, throw away the vacuum cleaner bag. By “throw away” we mean seal it in a plastic bag and get it out of your house! This will prevent fleas from jumping back onto your carpeting or furniture. If your vacuum cleaner has a cannister instead of a bag, dump it either into a plastic bag or outside. Then, clean the vacuum before you reattach it all.


  • Take care of your pet’s bedding.


Wash bedding separately in your washing machine. You’ll want to use the hottest dryer setting possible, and rewash daily. If the problem is drastic, throw bedding out entirely and buy new.


  • Finally, use insecticide for stubborn flea problems.


Look for a pet-safe indoor brand and spray it liberally on your carpet. Then, wait until it dries completely before vacuuming. Once you use it, vacuum regularly for a week or two. The insecticide will kill adult fleas but may not get all of the eggs with one treatment. You’ll probably need another round to kill the fleas that emerge. Remember to keep your pet away from the treated area until it is safe. Read the label for complete instructions.

Looking for a Natural Solution to Your Pest Problems?

If you want to rid your home of pests without resorting to harsh chemicals, these tips might help …

Instead of using insecticides, use baking soda and salt to get rid of fleas in carpet. Sprinkle salt, and then baking soda, evenly over your entire carpet. Take a broom and sweep the carpet thoroughly to make sure the salt and baking soda mix completely and settle deep down into the carpet. Leave the mixture in your carpet for at least 12 hours. Then, vacuum. This method, which is safe for kids and pets, works by dehydrating the fleas in your carpet. It may be more affordable than harmful insecticides, too. Repeat this procedure once per week until the pests are gone.

We Offer Professional Cleaning to Help Get You Started.  

E&B Carpet has plenty of experience with pets, and offers pet stain and odor removal as well as dry or steam cleaning – whichever solution best meets your needs. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any further questions, or if you’d like to hire one of our professionals to give your carpet a good cleaning.