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Five Steps to Make End-of-the-Year Cleaning a Breeze

It’s that time again.

It’s the end of the year.

A time for togetherness.

A time to spread cheer.


You’ll invite your family, your friends,

Those who matter most,

To gather around,

For a feast and a toast.


And wherever family may go,

Or the rooms friends may find,

There’s sure to be dust and dirt,

Or a mess left behind.


But don’t you worry,

About problems such as these.

Here are five simple steps,

to make end-of-the-year cleaning a breeze.

Five Steps to Make End-of-the-Year Cleaning a Breeze


1) Dust ‘til Dawn

Okay, first things first… before you can begin to clean up anything lower than your highest ceiling fan, you have to dust your fixtures and furniture. This will ensure all dust particles fall to the lowest level of your home so that they don’t blow around and cover other surfaces within your home as you begin to clean.

2) Leave no Stains Behind

Next, there is a good chance that one of your beloved guests inadvertently left a food or drink stain on your favorite couch or on your floor. Thankfully, there are ways to get these stains out relatively easily with items you may already have lying around your house.

3) Wipe Down Your Windows

The only thing worse than a smudged window is a smudged window that’s still smudged after wiping it down. Banish all grime and streaks for the long haul with nothing more than a cup of distilled vinegar, one soft sponge and a squeegee.

4) Do you smell that smell?

A clean home doesn’t just need to look clean. It should smell clean, too! Despite the cause or location of any lingering odors left in your home after a get together, there is a proven way to reclaim the freshness of your spaces.

5) Clean up the Carpets

After most festive occasions, you might believe that simply running a vacuum over your carpets are enough to keep them clean. Right? Wrong!

While standard vacuum cleaners are great for lifting the surface dust off of your carpets, the grime that has been ground deeper into the fibers by your treading guests requires some extra oomf to pick up. This is where chemically conditioned cleaning can help rid your carpets of any lingering mites and debris.