5 Plants That Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

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5 Plants That Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

We clean our carpets, bathrooms, tile, and more…but what about our air? The air inside our homes can get pretty stagnant, especially in the Winter time. This is because as the weather gets colder, we’re less likely to keep windows and screen doors open, which normally help ventilate air and remove certain harmful compounds that accumulate. It’s no surprise that we tend to get sick more often during colder months! To help remedy this, you can take advantage of research that NASA conducted back in the 1980’s, which was done to find clean and pure air for space stations. In their research, they discovered a bunch of various house plants that improve indoor air quality and make it easier (and cleaner) to breathe. Check out this list of 10 plants below, and consider adding some of them to your home!

Improve indoor air quality with these 5 plants:

 Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen plant improve indoor air quality


The Chinese Evergreen is an attractive plant that produces tiny red berries which can help to remove toxins from the air that are commonly found in household cleaners. It is easy to care for, and will benefit your home for many years to come.


Chrysanthemum plant improve indoor air quality E&B Carpet

Also known as “Mums”, these beautiful flowers can be found at most florists or shops that sell plants. They are excellent at helping to filter out benzene in your home, which is a common chemical released by many household detergents and paints.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera improve indoor air quality


You may have known about Aloe Vera due to the gel-like substance in its leaves that helps to treat burns. This plant also doubles as an efficient air purifier! It is easy to grow, and will be of great use whether you keep it at home with the family, or at an office or workspace.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily plant


There’s a chance you may already have a Peace Lily in your home! This amazing plant is easy on the eyes, and amazingly efficient at keeping mold spores in check. Keep one in your bathroom to help reduce levels of mildew that would normally accumulate on shower tiles and curtains.

Boston Fern

Boston fern plant improve indoor air quality


Last on our list is the Boston Fern, which acts like a natural humidifier. If dry air is a problem in your home, consider getting one of these! They thrive in direct sunlight, and help to restore moisture to the air, perfect for dealing with dry skin or cold weather problems that many of us normally face.

Do you own any of these plants, or have other recommendations for ones to keep at home?

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