How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Cozying up in a warm blanket by the rustling fire, drinking cocoa, and smelling those nostalgic and absolutely comforting smells of the holidays are some of the best parts of December. Fill your senses with the festive smells and fragrances in your home with these simple and natural tips. Your guests will love the holiday feel of your home just as much as you and your family.

We want to share with you how you can make your home smell like the Christmas naturally, without chemicals. Holidays are the perfect season to use cinnamon, nutmeg and pine as natural fresheners. So impress your friends and family with a wonderfully scented home, creating the perfect scene for any Holiday gathering, whether that be a cozy night by the fire or your annual Christmas bash.

4  Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
make your home smell like christmas

1. Make a Natural Stove Top Popuri

Simmer 1 cup of cranberries, two rosemary sprigs, a few cinnamon sticks, and four orange slices in a large pot covered with water. You can let this simmer all day long to create a lasting festive smell.

2. Use Vanilla 

This is a great trick if your home needs a quick freshen up. Put three tablespoons of vanilla extract into a coffee cup, place in the oven at 300 degrees for around an hour (make sure your mug is heat proof), and within minutes your home will smell incredible!

3. Make Pomanders

Making a few pomanders is simple and works as not only a fragrance but part of your holiday decor. All it really takes are oranges and cloves! Check out a great tutorial here.

Why not make your lovely wreath also smell fantastic? All you need is sage and a styrofoam wreath. Hang above your kitchen entryway or dining room for a festive look that smells amazing. Read the how-to here!