3 Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Carpet

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3 Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Carpet

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As Summer ends and Fall begins, we look forward to certain things, such as the leaves beginning to change colors, getting to wear our favorite jacket or hoodie more often, and an abundance of pumpkin flavored drinks. What we don’t tend to think about as much is our carpet, but adjusting your cleaning habits for the transition from Fall into Winter is important! This is because we’re more likely to bring in dirt, moisture, and debris during these months. Getting into a habit of staying clean will help make sure that your home is cozy and comfortable.

Ready to tidy up? Follow these three Fall cleaning tips for your home!

1. In rooms of your home that get high amounts of foot traffic, you’ll want to vacuum your carpet everyday. Carefully pass over each area two or three times, so that you can get as much debris possible that could be hiding within the carpet. Don’t forget to also vacuum the corners as well! It’s easy to miss, but will accumulate dust and other particles over time.
2. Warm beverages are more common as the weather starts to cool down, which means a higher possibility of spilling that mug of hot chocolate or apple cider on the carpet! If you see a stain or spill, take measures to reduce some of the damage they cause. If you have vinegar or detergent available, those can help in lessening tough carpet stains. Remember that it is harder to remove the stain or spill after it dries up!

3. You generally want to steam or dry clean once every 8 months or so, depending on how often you host get-togethers and parties. If you enjoy having gatherings often, you may want to stay closer to the 8 month mark for your cleanings. Fall is the perfect time of year to have this done, as most homes generally have the greatest number of parties in the Summer. A good, professional cleaning will help ensure your carpet stays healthy and looking nice.

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