The 5 Hardest to Remove Carpet Stains

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The 5 Hardest to Remove Carpet Stains

We frequently get asked by customers for both residential and commercial properties about certain kinds of carpet stains, and if we can help out. To that we say, show us your worst! There are many different ways carpet, upholstery, or rugs can be damaged. Whether it’s a brightly colored drink, a pet, or something else, the best solution to remove carpet stains is to act quickly. Do your best to clean up the mess immediately—some will be harder than others to fix up, and sometimes it might simply be too tough of a fix for yourself! Fortunately, we’re here to help, and available around the clock. If you experience any of the following super stains on your carpet, give us a call!

Glass of wine spilled on carpet. Hardest to remove carpet stains

Grape juice or Wine stains

Fruit stains can be a gigantic pain to remove. Many wine drinkers and parents are all too familiar with these stains! They seep into carpet fibers quickly with their red or purple colors, often times causing permanent damage. If you experience one, treat the carpet immediately while the stain is still fresh and wet with hydrogen peroxide. After a few minutes, use a spray bottle with a combination of water and cleaner to minimize the damage caused.

Blood stains

An injury from a friend or family member in the home is a tricky situation to address. Blood is very similar to juice stains in that it penetrates quickly and leaves a dark stain after it has dried. Make sure the injured is attended to, and if possible, clean any blood from the affected surface while it is still fresh.

Coffee stains

A common occurrence for both residential and commercial customers of ours, coffee stains are another nuisance to deal with. They leave unsightly yellowish/brown stains, and can be tricky to remove. If you have an accidental coffee spill, check to see if vinegar and dishwasher detergent are available, as those can be used to help minimize the damage caused by the stain.

Ink stains

One not-so-lovely quality of pens is their tendency to go haywire at seemingly random times, leaving you (or the floor) with ink everywhere. Another in the list of hard to remove carpet stains, ink stains can destroy carpet if they are not cleaned thoroughly. Our solution for cleaning ink is to chemically pre-condition the spot with ammonia, and then truck-mount steam rinse it after to remove the stain.

Bodily fluids

Vomit and excrement from a child or animal not only stains your carpet, but can leave a foul, persistent odor! To remove carpet stains of this type, clean up the mess to the best of your ability. Baking soda can help to remove moisture and minimize smell. Chances are, it will require a deep cleaning of the carpet to completely remove all traces of the accident. We recommend treating the carpet with shampoo or another cleaner, which is what we offer for our customers that need pet stains or vomit removed!

Remember, to remove carpet stains is to battle a race against time! You can sometimes clean them up if you treat them quick enough. If not, call us and tell us what you’re dealing with—our team of experts will be happy to take care of you.

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