Work Smart, Work Cleaner

Office Cleaning Tips

Work Smart, Work Cleaner: Office Cleaning Tips

Get an office looking new with these office cleaning tips. You spend a lot of time in your office (maybe too much time) and if it’s the least inviting space you have, that’s a problem. Why spend so much time and work your hardest in an unpleasant environment? It’s no wonder you are stressed and always wondering where you put your files or car keys.

A clean office means a clear mind. This goes for your home office, cubicle, or entire building where you work. Whether you work under someone, for yourself, or are the admin at your company, take matters into your own hands to get your office productivity levels up with these office cleaning tips.

Here are 4 office cleaning tips to get you started:

1. Organize

This one is pretty obvious, but many people don’t organize as they work. One of the biggest work stresses are those piles of paper on the desk, shelves, and floor. The key is to set up systems and implement them as you go. Get trays, file folders, and labels. Organizing is contagious. If you start it, your officemate might just join in as well.

2. Clean Electronics

You wipe off the desk you barely touch, but don’t clean the keyboard your hands are on all day- this makes little sense. We know that eating at your desk helps get things done, but those keyboards have to be cleaned. Pick up some canned air and clear out those crumbs. Office stores make cleaning wipes and sprays for electronics. You’ll be surprised how much cleaning your tools clears your mind.

3. Ditch the Junk

Do you need that business card you got 5 years ago? Are those broken pens worth keeping? Ditch, recycle, or donate all the freebies and clutter you won’t use that month. If you need to save it, find the proper drawer to store it in. The in-sight clutter clutters your thinking. Oh, and don’t just throw it into a junk drawer, it may be out of sight, but it’s not out of mind. Keep what you need at arm’s reach, and find a better place for the rest of the stuff.

4. Don’t forget the floor:

Birthday cake crumbs, chips, popcorn, and paper scraps all make it to the floor. Over time even looking down at the ground when you’re thinking can become a gross distraction. Remember to keep this area tidy to keep you grounded. Does your company vacuum your area regularly? (If they need a commercial carpet cleaning company, contact us here.) If your cubicle doesn’t get cleaned, think about bringing a small hand held vacuum with you.

What’s your system for keeping your office clean and clutter-free? Give us your take in the comments section below.