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Why You Should Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

Viral life hacks sometimes make the rounds about secrets of the home that most people didn’t previously know about. One example is the punch-in holes on the sides of plastic wrap boxes. You’re supposed to punch them in so the roll stays in place during use. In our opinion here at E & B Carpet Cleaning, there’s another life hack whose time has come and it’s getting your furniture cleaned by professionals. Do you like the idea of keeping home life rolling along in a new and refreshingly beautiful way? Once you check out the benefits, listed below, you’ll likely agree that everyone should have your furniture professionally cleaned.

Why You Should Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

Furniture is typically one of the more expensive investments in your home. Quality furniture is built to withstand the day to day of living, from pets to children and everything in between. But that wear and tear doesn’t mean that your furniture can be completely ignored. A little TLC can be good for your investment, and your well being.

Enjoy A Fresher, Cleaner Smell

It may not be something you’ve considered, but furniture upholstery typically gets rough treatment on a daily basis. Odor eaters can’t do an adequate job of erasing the layers of odors, stains, and spills on everyday furniture. From pets and their dander to excessive sweat to children and their food spills, upholstery deserves the same spring-cleaning the rest of the home usually gets. Once you’ve had it done, your nose will know the difference.

Give Your Home A Mini-Makeover

Furniture is like our clothing in that it also looks much better when it has been properly cleaned. If you think about it, never washing your upholstery could be compared to wearing the same clothes day after day, year after year without ever washing them! The upholstery in your home will look like it’s had a remarkable makeover after you’ve had your furniture professionally cleaned.

Extend the Life of your Furniture you should have your furniture professionally cleaned, women with cleaner

All of our belongings last longer when they receive proper care, from our cars and clothing to our furniture. When you schedule professional upholstery cleaning, stains can be prevented from setting in permanently. Body oils, odors, and dust buildup will be removed when they would otherwise accelerate the deteriorating process of everyday wear and tear. Some fabrics require professional cleaning to maintain the color and proper shape. When in doubt, call in the experts!

Breathe In Improved Air Quality

Allergens naturally collect in upholstery because it’s a fibrous material. Many pounds of new dust settle in a home every year, and many of the dust particles work their way into your furniture fibers. Pet dander and pollen do the same. Anyone who is sensitive to allergies would benefit from removing all of the allergens from the furniture with professional upholstery cleaning. In fact, everyone will breathe easier!

Schedule Professional Furniture Cleaning with E & B Carpeting

Are you ready to give your furniture an upgrade in appearance, smell, durability, and cleanliness? Contact E & B Carpeting to get a free estimate or to schedule a professional furniture cleaning today. You’ll be glad you did; and when your friends and family see what a difference professional furniture cleaning makes, you may just inspire a new trend.