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5 Methods Used by Carpet Cleaning Companies in St. Louis

Carpet cleaning challenges are not all the same, and that’s why there are various carpet cleaning methods in St. Louis. The technique used on a particular job is determined by such factors as the type of carpet being cleaned, the fabric type, and the problem being addressed. E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in St. Louis MO employs all the techniques required to address the individual needs of our customers, who are located throughout the St. Louis MO area. The following are the five most common carpet cleaning methods.

1-Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning aka hot water extraction is the method of carpet cleaning most often requested. Hot water extraction cleaning sanitizes carpet fibers while achieving a thorough, restorative cleaning. Steam cleaning machines come in various sizes, from small and portable to truck mounts. This is the right method for tough stains and ground-in dirt. Because more time is required to allow for drying, steam cleaning is not always feasible for places such as restaurants and corporate offices. 

2-Dry Extraction Cleaning

Dry extraction cleaning is one of the prominent carpet cleaning methods in St. Louis because maintaining a dry floor is often a priority. Hours of waiting for a carpet to dry is eliminated because dry extraction cleaning utilizes no water. Rather than a detergent, a powder is the cleaning agent. A rotating brush machine is used to ensure that the powder settles into the carpeting to achieve a thorough cleaning. Afterward, the powder and soil combined are vacuumed to complete this method of deep carpet cleaning.

3-Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

A specialized motorized machine with an absorbent pad is used for bonnet carpet cleaning. The purpose of this cleaning method is to get rid of surface grime quickly and effectively. The cleaning product is applied to the carpet, which is the first step. Next, an absorbent pad on the machine soaks up dirt and moisture from the surface of the carpet. Hotels and other companies open round-the-clock use the bonnet carpet cleaning method on a regular basis.

4-Encapsulation aka Foam Cleaning

Encapsulation or foam cleaning is the eco-friendlier of carpet cleaning methods in St. Louis because it uses minimal water and leaves no chemicals behind. A specialty foam is used on the carpet, and the foam bubbles and expands. The foam then crystallizes into powder, encapsulating the dirt. Finally, the dried foam is vacuumed or brushed out, though sometimes it is removed by way of steam extraction. Due to limits of the technology, encapsulation is less likely than other methods to leave you with a sufficiently clean carpet.

5-Carpet Shampooing

The least used of the professional carpet cleaning methods in St. Louis these days is carpet shampooing. This technique is effective for cleaning heavily soiled carpets, but an excessive amount of foam is left behind. Carpets that have been shampooed can take a very long time to dry. Also, shampooed carpets tend to become sticky after the drying process is completed, and this results in rapid re-soiling. 


E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Offers the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods in St. Louis

E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses the required carpet cleaning methods in St. Louis to achieve best results. If you aren’t sure what your needs are for professional carpet cleaning, we will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best solution. Fill out our online form to schedule carpet cleaning with E&B Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning or call us at (314) 427-7800 today.