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Heirloom Rug Cleaning & Care

Removal of shoes when entering the home is a common practice in regions of the world where rugs are prominently used. Heirloom rugs last longer when vacuuming and cleaning are needed as infrequently as possible. More tips follow for heirloom rug care as well as step-by-step directions on how to clean an heirloom rug. 

Schedule Professional Cleaning Annually

Although do-it-yourself heirloom rug cleaning is perfectly fine for ongoing care, flooring experts recommend having the rugs professionally cleaned annually. Rug cleaning performed by experts is the only sure way to give your rug sanitization and necessary cleaning to free it of infestations, allergens, and soil. Tough stains are likely to disappear with the industrial grade cleaning materials only the experts use.

The life of a rug is extended with regular professional cleaning. 

Is it Time to Clean Your Heirloom Rug?

To help extend the life of your heirloom rug, make sure it’s time for cleaning it. One test is to pick up a corner of the rug and give the back of it a good whack with your hand or a kick. If this raises a cloud of dust from the rug, it’s time for cleaning. Another test is to vigorously rub the pile with your hand in a small arc for about 7 seconds and then check to see if your palm or fingers are now dirty. If there is no evidence of dirt on an area that gets the most traffic, it’s a sign that cleaning may not be needed right away. 

Step-by-Step Heirloom Rug Cleaning Tips

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Pure wool or silk rugs are best left to carpet cleaning professionals. For blended heirloom rugs, always start by reading manufacturer’s instructions. 

The following are traditional steps for heirloom rug cleaning.

Step 1 – Eliminate Loose Dirt

Loose dirt can be removed from your rug by vacuuming it only with a suction hand attachment on the top and bottom.

Pro Tip: When vacuuming, do not vacuum the fringes of your rug. 

Step 2 – Dust the Rug

Bring your heirloom rug outside and put it in a vertical position. Using a mop or broom handle, gently beat the rug to remove ground-in dirt. 

Step 3 – Vacuum Again

Repeat vacuuming is important to remove any remaining dust or dirt that has been loosened in previous steps.  

Step 4 – Prep the Shampooing Area

If you are cleaning your rug on your driveway, remove dust and dirt from that area before placing the rug there. Choose an area with sloping so that water does not pool on your rug.

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Step 5 – Wet and Shampoo the Rug

Place your heirloom rug on the driveway with the reverse side facing up. Soak the rug as evenly as possible in the direction of the pile. Mix mild liquid detergent in about four gallons of water in a bucket and add more if needed. First, test an area to ensure that colors don’t run. Use a clean soft-bristled brush and gently scrub the rug. Repeat as needed.  

Step 6 – Flip the Rug and Repeat Step 5

Turn the rug over and repeat the wetting (rinsing) and shampooing actions in Step 5. Do not agitate or scrub the fibers of the rug with back-and-forth movements. Rinse again to remove all soap. 

Step 7 – Dry your Rug

Squeeze the rug to remove excess water. Then place dried towels on it and slowly walk on the towels to absorb water. After all excess water is removed, hang the rug somewhere indoors, such as your garage. Allow it to air dry. A fan can be used to speed the process. Do not use a heat lamp or any other type of heat for the drying process.

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