3 Things to Remember When Getting Pet Stains Out of Carpet

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3 Things to Remember When Getting Pet Stains Out of Carpet

Remove pet stains out of carpet | E&B Carpet Cleaning St. LouisThere are many physical and mental benefits that come with adopting a new pet. In fact, studies have shown that pet owners tend to be happier, less susceptible to depression, and more likely to be active! However, with these benefits comes the trade off that our pets are likely to cause us frustration once in awhile! If you’ve ever housebroken a new animal, or had one get sick on you, you know just how gross it can be when dealing with the foul odors and stains that they can produce.

If your pet has accidentally left a stinky present in your home, there are a few important things to keep in mind when you’re getting pet stains out of carpet. If you don’t follow these steps, you could be left with a bigger problem than you started with!

Avoid these mistakes when getting pet stains out of carpet:

1. Keep calm—acting impulsively could damage your carpet!
The first step to take when you discover a pet stain on your carpet is to stay collected. Most homeowners go crazy and assume that they need to go overboard with whatever cleaning solutions they have, and to scrub the area diligently. This act of scrubbing the stain immediately can cause it to set deeper into your carpet!

2. Be wary of using a carpet cleaner unless you’re 100% sure
As we mention on our carpet cleaning page, an important element to cleaning your carpet is making sure the pH value of the cleaner you use is within the tolerance limits of your carpet. If not, this can cause permanent damage to the fibers and colors!
Your best bet in this situation is to test out the detergent on a small portion of your carpet, and see if any changes or fading occurs after 30 minutes. If you’re still unsure, or if you’re dealing with a pet stain at the same time, call in a professional—we can diagnose your carpet and choose the right cleaner that will safely restore your carpet to a pristine condition!

3. Don’t douse the floor or area with perfume, fresheners, or scents.
Our first inclination when dealing with pet odor is often to neutralize the smell. So, we grab the first thing we can find, be it an air freshener, a perfume, or another fragrance that can suppress the stench. Spraying directly on the stains, however, will not work. Pet excrement contains organic molecules that do not respond to the synthetic chemicals found in most air fresheners. In addition, the alcohol contained in these products can push those stinky smells deeper into your carpet!

To remove the immediate odor of a pet stain, make sure you choose a product that is specifically labeled for that purpose. Often they are referred to as enzymatic deodorizers.

Many hours can be spent getting pet stains out of carpet completely and with no smells remaining. If you find that you’re pressed for time, or are unsure what method to use, don’t be afraid to call us! We’ll give you a completely free estimate, and you’ll have the confidence in knowing that we can neutralize odors and stains quickly and efficiently.

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